OldFilm with orange background + photography – Stripes 2×6 model 201


The photographic film is a strip of transparent film coated on one side with a gelatin emulsion containing microscopically small photosensitive silver halide crystals.

  • No Frame
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Old film inspired us to create the template with photographic film in the background.

We present our original template in the horizontal stripes 2×6 format

Our template will be great for all events!

Shows 2 photos, that compose on the orange background.

Additionally, in the background there is photographic film – making the template more attractive.

The shapes of the photos have aform of horizontal which fits well with the overall template and helps to make a successful photo shoot.

Additionally, the Fotillo software allows you to put personalized labels without the need to use graphics programs.

The template can be printed with a glossy or matte finish and will be cut into two strips, if your printer is compatible with Fotillo.

To make your events more attractive, you can add the client’s logo to the template – all you need to do is edit the Frame.png file and place the file with the logo in the selected place on the template.

The captured photo has a resolution 1920×1280 and can be freely sent by e-mail.

Labels use Roboto Slab-Bold font, have color orange and are surrounded by a contrasting background.

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