Fotillo – Instruction manual

Fotillo is one of the leaders in photobooth and postcard machine software. The range of possibilities that the software brings has led us to create a manual, which we will update when new functionalities become available. Here you will find all the information you need to take full advantage of Fotillo’s available functionalities, as well as solutions for possible configuration problems. The current version of the manual will be available at all times via the following link:

  1. Installation and activation of the Fotillo software
    a) Downloading the software from the official website
    b) Activating the software on your device
    c) DEMO (free) version of Fotillo – how does it work?
    d) Fotillo software language versions. How to choose a language and how to translate Fotillo into your language version?
  2. Configuration of the Fotillo software
    a) Printer menu (F2)
    b) Label menu (F3)
    c) Configuration menu (F4)
    d) Setting up payment and money acceptance devices
  3. Fotillo templates
    a) How to upload a new template to the Fotillo software?
    b) How do templates work and how to edit them?
  4. Additional functionalities
    a) Automatic error repair
    b) Fotillo wireless operation
    c) Graphic filters and photo printout as glossy / mate
    d) Confirmation of each photograph
  5. Legal aspects – what you should bear in mind

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