How much does photo booth software cost?

Are you thinking about starting your own business that involves setting up a photo booth? It’s still a really great idea in 2022 as photo booths are growing in popularity at various events and across shopping malls. Let us explain what are the first steps you should take, how much will a photo booth set you back, and how much will you pay for photo booth software.

When purchasing a brand new photo booth, you’re looking at spending between PLN 10,000 and 20,000. Currently, the cheapest photo booths available on a popular online auction site cost approx. PLN 15,000. Photo booths differ in price because some of them have boast add-ons like built-in LED lighting – which makes them a bit more expensive.

So, what exactly should you pay extra attention to when purchasing a photo booth? Its appearance is definitely important – after all, it’s supposed to attract customers. However, the quality of the materials as well as software’s usability should top any potential photo booth owner’s list.

How much does photo booth software cost?

If we’re talking about software with a perpetual license, then you’re looking at several hundred PLNs. When it comes to term licenses, say for 12 months, then that cost is halved – but bear in mind that you’ll have to pay that price, regardless of whether the photo booth is actually in use.

Fortunately, there is a photo booth software available on the market where the license fee depends on the number of prints – that’s Fotillo. This means you only pay when the photo booth is actually in use and generating income.

You can’t go wrong with photo booth software that is easy, usable, and stable. Photobooth customers appreciate a user-friendly interface and its speed – they don’t want to wait for things to load. Ongoing user support and continuous software updates are also an important factor as they help to generate additional revenue and allow the owners to use their product to its full potential.

How to buy our photo booth software?

Purchasing an activation code for our software is the best way forward for self-service photo booths owners. This code is valid indefinitely and enables its users to make a number of prints – for example, a set of 700/1400 pieces. By purchasing our solution you’re acquiring the best in class: it’s compatible with the majority of devices available on the market, the software and its functionalities are continuously improved, there are thousands of templates to choose from, and it’s all reasonably priced – particularly because you pay as you make money off your photo booth yourself. Check our software.

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